Price Point + Durability + Selection = VINYL

Welcome to the market’s top trend, vinyl flooring. I know you’ve heard of it, maybe you’ve seen it around. We sell it every day and for good reason. Vinyl was once cringe worthy but has now become the most versatile flooring solution on the market and here’s why:


Price Point

On average we sell this product at $3.75 – $5.75 per square foot which is less than hardwood and slightly more than your average carpet. Before vinyl there was laminate but because laminate lacked in durability it has been pushed out of the market. There are options such as a cork backed click lock vinyl.  A cork backed product is ideal for basement applications, especially on concrete where insulation is preferred.



It is difficult to beat vinyl when it comes to durability. Once created for commercial use vinyl is now widely used for residential use. If you have kids, pets, renters or any concern for scratches on your floor you will love vinyl. As a mother of two young children, large dog owner, and landlord I can attest to this product, furthermore, if you do manage to damage, a board replacement is very simple.

    Don’t let your loved ones cramp your style

Colours and patterns

Manufacturers have been excellent at keeping up with trends. We’ve seen vinyl in all sorts of colours and patterns to suite any style. Lately rustic floors and grey tones have been our most popular trends. Choose wood designs in authentic plank lengths and widths or go for natural stone styles in 12”x 24” and 18”x18 tiles. For those looking for an alternate option to tile there is a new vinyl tile that is grout-able. Have all the character of a tile with the durability and warmth of vinyl. Adding the grout lines creates a realistic tile look with a much easier and cleaner installation than traditional tile.


Common Questions:

Q. What is the difference between different vinyls? 

A. The key here is the word vinyl. There are “vinyls” that are made of rubber. These products will shrink, expand and scratch. We carry only vinyls that are tried tested and true in quality. The Armstrong vinyls, for expample have a fibreglass composite within them to add to durability. You also want to use a reputable company to know that if you require more down the road the same die lot will be available to you.


Q. Can I install it myself?

A. Yes! If there is a product you can do yourself this is the one. Either click lock or glue down application you can likely install this yourself or you can hire use. Doing it yourself? We’ll make sure you have the proper glues you need and give you all the tips to get you going. We’re always here to help.


Q. Will it look cheap?

A. Quick answer, No! Thanks to creative design teams and technology the look of vinyl is very realistic. Vinyl is used in many applications inclusive of main floors of homes, basements, office and even feature walls. The old stigma, Vinyl = Cheap …. The new and trendy thoughts, Vinyl = Modern, Versatile, Durable !!