Dustless Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Hardwood refinishing is a difficult and highly-skilled process that requires special training and equipment but can provide a wide range of unique and custom designs not possible with prefinished flooring. We’ve had the opportunity to work on many awe inspiring and beautiful floors and we’re known throughout the Okanagan for our dustless refinishing program.

In the past, floor sanding and recoating was a messy and smelly process but we’ve developed solutions that allow us to make the process easy and efficient. All of our sanding machines, for example, are connected directly to Hepa Greenguard Filter systems that collect dust while the machines are running. We’re also careful to cover and protect your furniture and belongings to ensure there is no dust contamination.

We then apply a water based low-VOC finish to your floor. Unlike old finish applications water based stains have quick dry times, they don’t off-gas potent odours or chemicals and do not require waxing in the future. As well water based finishes will not yellow over time like oil based finishes of the past. Technology has made these finishes incredibly durable and we choose only to use commercial grade finishes as they have shown to have the best durability.

The benefit of a sand on site floor verses a prefinished floor is longevity. Prefinished floor are finished in a mill with an aluminum oxide coating. This coating is very durable but, as with all hardwood floors, there will be scratches. Aluminum oxide coatings show white when scratched and the scratches stand out. To have an aluminum oxide coated floor refinished in the future there is extra time and cost due to the nature of the finish. With a sand on site floor you have the option of a buff and re-coat to eliminate surface scratches, or if years have gone by and your floor has seen wear and tear and has deeper scratches a full sand and refinish can be done more efficiently and cost effectively.

Dustless Hardwood Refinishing

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