What makes us different? We are a service company and a floor store.

Being a service company means that we have a crew of Certified Craftsmen on staff all with a deep wealth of knowledge and understanding. All of our team members share our core values, love of the earth, professionalism and standards of quality. We are flooring experts and can provide custom and specialty work.

Being a floor store means we carry a large assortment of products, however, we have hand chosen those products and we are almost entirely a sustainable and earth friendly flooring store. We are always growing and changing to make sure we are at the top of our game.


Save trees from harvest and love what you have


Use hardwood you already have and save trees from the landfill


Give back to the Earth with our tree planting commitment

Our Mission

To love hardwood is to respect the trees and the lifeline they give our Earth. It is our mission to marry our love of hardwood flooring with our love of nature and shift the culture of waste to a culture of using what you have and planning for long term benefit to our environment.

The current flooring industry is built on waste and excess. We are here to offer aesthetically beautiful floors at a fair price with as little as possible impact on our environment.

Aside from offering floors that will last decades and are harvested sustainably we are also committed to planting ten trees for every 100 square feet of hardwood that we refinish. REDUCE, RE-FINISH, REPLENISH


Want to plant trees? Refinish your floors! We plant 10 trees for every 100 sq ft of hardwood refinished. That’s something to be proud of.


My husband and I are thrilled with the outcome of our floors. We decided to have Rick and his crew sand and refinish our existing hardwood floors. They turned out amazing, couldn’t be happier with the outcome. We highly recommend this team to do any work you may need!

Dale Clarke