Check us out on the Friends of Build Magazine Podcast

It’s time we got the word out on sustainability and flooring. Podcasts are a great way to discuss the important issues of today’s society and one of the most pressing topics is sustainability. Recently, on the popular podcast ‘Friends of Build Magazine,’ I had the pleasure of chatting with Ted Bainbridge to discuss how flooring choices can impact our environment.

In this podcast, we are able to cover information about our business such as where we started and what our core values are. We also speak about our hardwood refinishing, tree planting initiatives and what we see in the future of flooring.


There are many factors to consider when understanding if a product is truly sustainable from certifications to the composition of the product itself. We talk about where the product is harvested, where it is manufactured and what is used within these products. There are many layers of information required to understand what you are purchasing and the impact it may have on our environment.

Tree Planting

We also talk about our tree planting initiative with Eden Reforestation Projects. Have a listen, we hope you learn and enjoy!

Episode 75: Small Choices Make a Big Impact – Sustainable Flooring with Shannon Johnstone

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