What do we sell?

All flooring including hardwood, tile, carpet, vinyl, laminate, sheet goods and area rugs

How long would it take to have my floor refinished?

The process depends on the finish on your existing floor, how much square footage and the layout. Most hardwood floors take around one week to refinish.

Do I have to move out if I refinish my hardwood floor?

No, you do not need to move out. You will need to move any furniture off of the hardwood being refinished. There will be times in the process you cannot walk on the floor because it is wet. If you have an alternate part of your home, you can live at home during a refinish.

Will I pay more for a sustainable floor?

The simple answer is no. Sustainability is not always the reason for different pricing. We have sustainable products that are very expensive and sustainable products that are very affordable. We have options in all price ranges!

Do we offer installation?

Absolutely. We offer installation of flooring and wall applications including large slab tiles and exterior 2cm tiles. We also sand and refinish hardwood floors and provide maintenance on existing floors. We also manufacture custom stair treads, nosings, risers and other wood products.

Why do customers choose Strong Roots Flooring Inc.?

We are a local family-owned business that has served the Okanagan for eighteen years. Our start was in installations and we have grown as wood specialists known for high-quality workmanship and customer care. Years of good business practices and a deep knowledge of flooring have kept us busy all these years.