Hardwood Stair Design

If you are looking to choose a hardwood stair design? Look no further! As hardwood experts and creators of beautiful hardwood stairs, we will guide you through some options and how to get the look you are after.

Whether your style is Scandinavian, modern, traditional or bohemian you can reflect your tastes in the design of your hardwood stairs.

The 90-degree stair tread design

Is your design Scandinavian or modern? The 90-degree design is becoming the most common hardwood stair tread design. The design ends at a 90-degree angle, giving an outlook that is simple and clean. The stair treads are installed horizontally, which creates an aesthetically pleasing design that gives room for decorating the staircase area. Furthermore, the flat surface of this design provides comfort and stability throughout the climb.

  1. Your stair tread and riser need to be the same thickness
  2. You need to consider the finishing detail of the drywall on the side, there are no trim pieces to cover imperfect drywall finishing
  3. This style pairs well with modern metal and glass railings to keep the modern or Scandinavian style

The best application we have seen to date is a floating 90-degree staircase. This is taking a traditional floating stair with a single steel support in the middle and creating a 90-degree angle in a thickness that works for floating stairs. This is shown below.

The Raked stair tread

The Raked stair design has an angled cut at the end of the stair tread, which is usually triangular or rounded but a sharper degree than 90 degrees. The design gives a flowing and seamless appearance using the natural grain of the wood. The Raked stair design is perfect for shorter staircases as it creates a visual illusion of space, making the staircase appear more expansive. Additionally, the angled design creates an interesting and unique character in the home’s overall aesthetic.

In the case shown below (this happens to be our showroom) we were given a set of very imperfect concrete construction stairs that are raked to meet building code. Treads were scribed and cut to fit the existing staircase. Paired with a glass and black metal railing we were able to achieve beautiful modern hardwood stairs.

Hardwood stairs with a carpet runner

The Carpet runner stair design is a hybrid design that combines the durability of hardwood and the comfort of a carpet runner. The design involves the installation of a carpet runner directly into the hardwood stair treads. It provides much-needed comfort under your feet while keeping the beauty of a hardwood staircase. The design is highly customizable with different carpet materials, colours, and patterns.

The first picture below shows carpet in the middle with hardwood stair caps on the sides. The second picture shows a runner of carpet glued directly to full hardwood stair treads. The final option is to use a rod to hold the carpet down which is shown in the third photo.

Painted or tiled stair risers

The painted riser stair design involves painting the vertical riser, making it stand out against the natural hardwood stair treads. The design allows for a creative touch with unlimited possibilities for homeowners, including bold and bright colours, patterns, and graphics. It’s a great choice for homeowners who want to inject personality and vibrancy into their homes.

This hardwood stair design is best suited with a wooden handrail and metal or wood pickets.

The paint used on the riser is scuff-resistant paint and can be matched to your wall colours or any colour you have in mind. Another alternative is to do a fun patter tile on the stairs. Photo credits for the first three photos: Sunterra Custom Homes, Unlocked Potential and Paragon Properties.

Floating Stair Treads

Imagine walking into a space where the sleek and sophisticated hardwood floating stair treads steal the show. These architectural marvels create an illusion of weightlessness, effortlessly suspended in mid-air, adding an artistic flair to modern interior design. Crafted with precision and finesse, the rich wood exudes warmth and elegance, inviting you to take each step with a sense of wonder. These floating treads not only serve as a functional necessity but also stand as a testament to the fusion of art and engineering, elevating the entire ambiance with their captivating presence. Whether it’s the smooth grain of oak or the deep hues of walnut, hardwood floating stair treads are a timeless expression of craftsmanship and style.

Traditional Stair Treads

There are other hardwood stair tread design options such as the open rise, custom curve, and bullnose stair treads. The open-rise design features no vertical riser, providing an unobstructed view of the staircase. The custom curve design involves custom milling of the hardwood stair treads to fit curved or spiral staircases. The bullnose design features a rounded and curved edge on the stair tread to give a classic finishing touch to your staircase.

Hardwood stair tread design plays a crucial role in elevating the ambiance and character of your home’s aesthetic. With a little bit of creativity and knowledge of the available options, homeowners can create a stunning and inviting staircase area. The above-listed hardwood stair tread designs are just the tip of the iceberg. Be bold, be creative, and create a staircase design that will be the pride of your home.

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