Well the weather is finally hot and we are inspired to talk about the hot flooring trends we’re seeing. Our refinish customers have the opportunity to customize their floors and there is lots to choose from so let’s get started!

Vintage is in more than ever! This is in part to the funky creative designs of the 60’s and 70’s but in part to an environmental movement of keeping what you have moving against the grain. We’re seeing lots of throwbacks in clothing styles, house plants, camping trailers and patterns and colours. One of our favourites is the bold wallpapers and rugs popping up in design. Of course flooring will naturally fall into that trend bringing narrower plank hardwoods, parquet and parquetry and traditional stain colours.

Earthy elements are shining as well. With mixing old and new, rustic and modern you are seeing lots of natural un-stained woods, or slightly whitewashed woods that act as a neutral backdrop to bolder decorations. Think Scandinavian design with soft neutrals and minimalistic looks.

Warmth is back but not in the way it was. Grey is out and warmer colours are coming back in. Warmth is achieved with a more traditional brown floor, however, we’re seeing colours that are void of red tones but instead have neutral undertones and can work with warm and cool colours.


The wide rustic grade wood planks are slowly being taken over by narrower wood planks with less rustic nature to them. This look is more retro but also the narrower planks are more stable in weather changes and a better price point for home owners.

PHOTO CREDIT: Amy McKay – Pure Design out of Vancouver


In mixing the old and the new a great way to add pattern and interest is with herringbone and parquet or parquetry floors. There are endless colours and patterns and you can do the whole floor or a feature spot in your home.

PHOTO CREDIT: Coswick Floors


More customers want the warmth and beauty of natural wood and we agree. When choosing a species of floor consider the natural colours like this hickory floor we did a while back. Hickory has gorgeous colour changes throughout that would have been lost had it been stained.


We are seldom purchasing grey stain anymore and are instead keeping floors natural, white washing them or staining them in more traditional brown tones. These classic floors can go with warm or cool designs and add warmth and long term appeal

PHOTO CREDIT: Amy McKay – Pure Design out of Vancouver


Customers have started to consider more about where their wood comes from or if they can salvage the wood they have. This has amplified thanks to the Coronavirus and the realization of our reliance of products from China. Thanks to amazing product lines and options with refinishing sustainability can be affordable and offer exactly the aesthetic that you want. Click below to read out blog article on sustainable flooring:


Most of these trends fall in line with a minimalistic Scandinavian and Nordic aesthetic. Neutrals layered with texture with minimalistic and earth friendly elements.

HYGGE (hoo-ga)

(n.) The danish ritual of enjoying life’s simple pleasures

This picture is from our favourite local Scandinavian Design expert Danielle Ursulan over at Ulla Interiors.

Those are the main flooring design trends of 2020. Let us know your favourite!